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Welcome to Washington

If you want to know what America is all about, you should definitely mark Washington on your travelling map. Washington is the capital of the United States and captures an enormous amount of American history. Not only for historical reasons, but also for the beautiful buildings and surroundings you should pay Washington a visit. During your stay you can count on the many Washington hotels to take care of your accommodation.

Washington, or better Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), thanks the first president of the US, George Washington, for its name. In the very centre of the city, the National Mall is located. It is a large, open park area with many historical monuments. Just to name some of them, there is the Washington Monument, Jefferson Pier, Lincoln Memorial, National World War II Memorial and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

Besides monuments, the city also counts a lot of magnificent museums. Located in the National Mall, there is the National Museum of National history, a quite impressive museum. The National Air and Space Museum is also worth a visit. You can also find the National Museum of African Art or the National Museum of American History and many more. At the National Mall you have a nice view on the Capitol and you can find the National Gallery of Art. Thus, plenty of things to see. And do not forget, if you walk a little further, you can always visit the President in the White House.

Further from the centre of the city, you can find Mount Vernon, the home where George and Martha Washington lived in. It is certainly a place to pay attention to. Another site you should definitely come past is the Arlington National Cemetery, a military cemetery where also some famous Americans are buried. It gives you an astonishing view which will take your breath away. You can also find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the cemetery. The change of the guard at the tomb attracts many tourists every day.

Washington is not only about historical monuments and museums. It is also about the atmosphere in the city and Washington DC hotels can help you become a part of it. There are some special Washington DC hotel deals to discover. Every hotel Washington will give you the pleasure of staying in such a wonderful city!

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