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Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR)

A Peculiar Railway
If you think every single tourist railway is boring and similar, then you probably have never visited this one. It is miniature mainline railway built for a millionarie racing driver in the days of the 1920s. With the locomotives and carriages just one-third full size makes the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway one of the 'railways wonders of the world'. It still operates a full timetable from Hythe to Dungeness, calling at the six stations on the way.

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR) Locomotive
In 2003 this triumph in engineering celebrates 75 years of service between Hythe and Dungeness. Affectionately known as 'The World's Smallest Public Railway', the RH&DR has carried literally thousands of passengers across Kent's Romney Marsh.

For this is no resurrected branch line with that trundle along, rather it is a proper mainline where trains pass at scale speeds of over 70 miles per hour. Magnificent steam and diesel locomotives based on the powerful express engines of Great Britain, Germany and the North American haul trains of comfortable carriages from the picturesque canal-side terminus of Hythe to the lighthouse and fisherman's cottages at Dungeness Point.

World famous
Since it was opened between Hythe and New Romney in July 1927 the Railway has created a lot of history. The extension to Dungeness in 1928 made it by far the longest railway of its type in the entire world. It has the most comprehensive 15" gauge locomotive fleet ever built. It holds the record for the fastest non-stop run and the longest ever train - up to 60 carriages - operated by a railway of this type, and it made a enormous contribution to the wartime defence of this area of Kent.

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR) LocomotiveConstruction
When Captain Howey engaged Henry Greenly to build the RH&DR he asked that it should take his entire life. By the time he died in 1963 it was in a pretty poor state with very little in the way of up to date passengers facilities and a large backlog of necessary maintenance. By 1972 the financial resources of the owners had reached to a crisis point and the Railway was about to be closed.

At the last moment a group of entusiastic businessmen led by Sir william McAlphine took control and led the RH&DR back to the path to recovery. A period of consolidation led to financial stability. Track and passenger facilities improved out of all recognition. If there is any doubt of this, you should take a look at the Railway's headquarters at New Romney. Here coaches are being built and maintained, locomotives are undergoing overhaul, and a new permanent way facility is being built to enable the high standard of our track to be maintained well into the future.

The great survivor
Therefore, the railway that opened with such ceremony in 1927 has proved itself to be great survivor. Many of the passengers who first came as children are nowadays bringing their children, grand-children or even great grand-children to experience this unique attraction which has become so much part of the British tradition. Visit us and you will understand why!

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RH&DR) Locomotive


There are six stations on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway from which you can board a train and travel across the Romney Marsh.
     An attractive, small Cinque Port town with small shops, supermarkets, antique shops, an antiques market at the Malt House every
     Friday and Saturday, restaurants, pubs, swimming baths, sea front and walks or boating along the Royal Military Canal.
     'The Children's Paradise'. Traditional seaside town with sandy beaches, fun fair, pubs, shops, cafes. Home of the Russell Thorndyke's
    smuggling vicar, Dr Syn.
St Mary's Bay
     10 minutes walk from the sandy beaches, local shops, pub, take-away, Post Office.
New Romney
     Headquarters of the RH&DR with offices, workshops, engine shed, and Model Museum. The town offers shops, supermarkets, cafes,
Romney Sands
     Formerly Maddieson's Camp, this station serves the adjacent holiday camp and caravan site, Romney Tavern and fine, sandy beaches.
     Protected shingle headland renowned for its plants and wildlife. With fishermans cottages, boats, lighthouses, pub, craft shop, power

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