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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm French; do you think it is possible to get to New Romney easily?
Of course! Actually, New Romney is not far from the Euro star Station Ashford International. You can take the Euro star from Paris or Lille and then take the bus from Ashford to New Romney.

2. What can I do in the evenings, after a long and busy day on the beach?
There is always something to do in New Romney. You can either visit one of the traditional local pubs or enjoy British or Tandoori cuisine. If you are more into clubbing, dance the night away in Ashford or Folkestone.

3. We don't have a car, so what can we do during our holidays?
There are a lot of activities close to the Renaissance Hotel: take the mini train, go surfing, kiting, water skiing, sailing, fishing, walking or go the beautiful sandy beach located only 10 minutes from the New Romney high street. Furthermore you can rent a bicycle (from £10) or take the bus to a lot of nice places around there. See Leisure and Sightseeing.

4. I never heard of New Romney, what are the nearest cities around there?
Folkestone and Ashford. In Ashford you will find the international railway station with the Euro Tunnel and there are a lot of shopping facilities there including one of the famous English designer outlet centres. Folkestone is a nice typical port and from New Romney it is easy to visit the famous city of Dover by bus.

5. How can I get there?
If you click on the location link on our homepage you will see all the information needed regarding directions by car, rail, bus, coach and plane.

6. How much is the ticket to go from London to New Romney?
That depends on the fare you use (railcards, cheap tickets) and to which rail station you are travelling (Ashford or Folkestone). Please check fares with the train companies.

7. How long does it take by public transport or car to go there from London?
By train and bus you need about 2 hours and by car it's only 1.5 hours from London.

8. I am very interested in history, what can I see there?
There are a lot of old churches and historical pubs in the area (New Romney, Hythe, Lydd, Dymchurch). You can also visit the Royal Military canal in Hythe (this was a dug during the Napoleonic era (1804-15) as a defensive measure against a possible French invasion.) New Romney also house vests the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway headquarters, which is definitely worth a visit. See History .

9. How much does a pint cost in a local pub?
A pint will cost you around 2.50 pounds. Come and find out!

10. My girlfriend and I are both surfers. Are there any possibilities to rent a surfboard?
Just contact the local water sport club. They will be very pleased to help you with your requests.

11. Can I go alone in the night to a pub? Is New Romney safe?
New Romney is a very small village, so everybody knows each other and everybody looks out for each other.

12. I want to go on a self-catering holiday in New Romney? Is there a supermarket nearby?
Yes, there is a brand-new sainsbury's located on the New Romney High Street and there are many other small shops to fit all of your needs.

13. Where can I find more information and details about New Romney when I have arrived?
The tourist information will be pleased to answer all your questions.

14. How can I add my business to your page?
Just contact us for your free listing on

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