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Cologne, one of the most cultural cities in Germany

Do you want to travel? Do you want to visit some cultural city but you do not know which one? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate to consider visiting Cologne, the fourth largest city of Germany. During the trip you can stay in one of the many Cologne hotels which this city has to offer you. So what you waiting for?

Before you arrive in Cologne, it is good to have some information about the city and the most important, you have to know all the places you can visit. In Cologne you will have access to many types of art and possibly it will increase your cultural knowledge. If you prefer another type of fun, you can also find something else to do.

Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany and the name of the city is derived from the Roman Settlement. Cologne is the most cultural city in the Rhineland and has more than 30 museums and even more galleries. If you are interested in cultural holiday, Cologne will offer you a great experience and you will always find many things to do. Maybe it is better for you to choose one of the excellent hotels in Cologne, because you will need some rest!

At first you can just admire the city and take a walk to see all the views and sights, then you can go to see some museums such as Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Roman-German Museum) which has some art and architecture from the history of this city. You can also go to visit other museums for instance Farina Fragrance Museum, Wallraf-Richartz Museum that has European paintings from the 13th to the early 20th century, Museum Ludwig which has a collection of modern art and there you can see some PopArt, abstract, surrealism and some of the paintings of Picasso.

In Museum Schnütgen you can see some Christian religious art, mainly medieval, but if you prefer another type of museums you should visit Kolumba Kunstmuseum des Erzbistums Köln, German Sports & Olympic Museum, Chocolate Museum officially called Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum and you have much more to look up. As you can see, you have many options to choose from.

Above you can have read about places you can visit. For those who prefer another things to do, another type of activities, you will also find something to do in Cologne. For instance, Cologne has one of the biggest street festivals in Europe which is called carnival. So if you got interested, look for hotels in Cologne Germany and book the best holidays of your life!

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