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Viva Barcelona!

Barcelona very popular Catalan city is the largest one in Spain after Madrid. The city is located on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Barcelona is attractive in many fields: commerce: there is one of the principal Mediterranean port there, art: there is a variety of monuments that was classified by the UNESCO as a World Heritage. They are attracting approximately 5 million tourists each year. Other fields are: finance, sport, media and entertainment.

Barcelona offers a lot of attractions such as La Segrada Familia church, Barcelona Cathedral and Las Ramblas which is the most popular street of the city, full of Catalan florists. In Barcelona you also can find many animals especially tortoises and birds. If you prefer calm and quiet, relaxing places, instead of the noise of the city, you will appreciate several parks in the city. The famous one is Park Guell, built by Gaudy. Indeed, Barcelona is appreciated by the remarkable masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, Miro and Picasso. Most of them are classified by the UNESCO as a World Heritage. Some museums are dedicated to those popular artists. The Picasso Museum, for instance, is the most famous one in the city.

The Port of Barcelona, called Puerto Olympico, is very dynamic place surrounded by its beaches, restaurants and fabulous nightclubs. Moreover the city is attractive also thanks to multiplicity of shops and other attractions that can satisfy people of all age. The food is surely on of the city's remarkable feature. Catalan cuisine is mostly composed of seafood such as Sarsuela, Fideua but it also contains sweet things like the Crema Catalana. If you do not have the chance or time to have dinner in one of numerous restaurants of the city, maybe you will have the opportunity to taste it while staying in your hotel in Barcelona.

If you stay in Barcelona just for few days you can admire the city scenery and take various sightseeing guided tours. This attraction lasts two days and offers the possibility to discover all important and the most interesting places in the city of Barcelona. You have the opportunity to take three different bus lines and stop at the 44 stops, all around the city, which are set within the short distance from the most beautiful places.

Considering accommodation Barcelona has a plenty of offers which are suitable for every budgets and every taste, ranging from charming and affordable hostels to luxury Barcelona hotels.

So just enjoy your holidays there!

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