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Discover the beauty of Antwerp

Do you want fashion, culture, atmosphere, nature and history? Then you should be in Antwerp! Antwerp is a lovely city in Belgium, situated in Flanders and the capital of the Antwerp province. It is located next to the Scheldt, a river linked to the North Sea, which gives the city a special atmosphere. It is a magnificent place to visit and Antwerp hotels Belgium can make that possible for you!

Antwerp is the Valhalla for any fashion designer. The high fashionable character of Antwerp also is evident in the many stores and boutiques lined up in the streets. The Meir is the most famous shopping street in Belgium. But you should definitely walk a little further and discover all the smaller boutiques with a lot of charm and an exquisite style. If you do not want spending your time shopping indoors, you can always stroll along the local markets. It is a good way to discover the real Antwerp, with local products and people. Everyday there are markets dotted around the city and in weekends you can even find some themed markets.

Antwerp may be Belgium's most fashionable city, there is a lot more to explore. The magnificent zoo for example, right next to the train station. On the same square, you can find Aquatopia, a place where the underwater world gives away its secrets. The little ones among us can life a pirate's life in Pirates Island or a farmer in a petting farm. For some luxury, you should be in Diamondland, a place where diamond fairy tales come true.

That still is not all, the numerous museums and historical buildings should be mentioned as well. Just to name one, Rubens House shows you the real life and times of Rubens, the famous painter. In fact, the museum is situated in the house where Rubens and his family lived for well over 25 years. A place also worth visiting, is the Diamond museum. It will tell you all about the history of diamond jewellery, something Antwerp is famous for. As for the historical buildings, Antwerp counts five immense historic churches. All five of them were built during Antwerp's Golden Age, namely in the 16th or early 17th century.

Antwerp offers everyone something for their taste, so do the Antwerp hotels. You will find a wide range of amazing hotels to choose from, according to your budget and likes. Antwerp has a lot to offer, also after dinner and at night. Spend a night at the theatre or check out a concert at one of the big music halls. If you want to step into the night life of Antwerp, you have the luxury of choice. There are thee regions with a different atmosphere, namely Antwerp's North district, South district or the city centre.

Do not worry about your stay, the hotels in Antwerp are waiting to give you a warm welcome. There are some very attractive Antwerp Hotel deals to discover. Also, do not worry about transportation to all the lovely places in the city. There is a large web of tram and bus lines or you can explore Antwerp by bike. You can even take a boat trip if you like. It is clear, Antwerp has something in store for everyone!

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