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Come and enjoy all the entertainments and activities available like sport, fishing, laying on the sandy beach and even go for a tour in a mini steam train.
You can also have a walk in New Romney’s streets and discover their traditional shops,pubs, and restaurants…

We’re sure New Romney’s countryside will seduce you as it has pleased us!
Let’s enjoy the visit, first on our website and then come and have your own idea of this beautiful place.

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- Accommodation - Find your accommodation in New Romney
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clubs The most popular clubs
in the area

- Photo Gallery -

--> have a look at several photo galleries and enjoy the pictures
The beach - Photo gallery
Countryside surrounding New Romney - Photo gallery
New Romney and area sights - Photo gallery
Hotel92 - Photo gallery
- Britannia Inn -
Britannia Inn Original World War II marine bunker, specialised in fresh food
- Business -
businessFor every purpose the suitable business
- Water Sports-
water sports Beach, sea and water sports
- Sport Activities-
sport activities The best possibilities for sport activities
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